"Soul's Awakening" by Fred Lipsius

Wisdom lasts
Knowledge grows
This I know
Hold on fast
Don’t be fooled
Love all now

And this love will surround you
Always there
Soul will be free…

Just pass through the cage* and
Unlock mysteries of lifetimes
in the Golden Wisdom Temples**
Simple truths are put before you
Stepping stones for your unfoldment
Bolder, stronger… forging upward
Never pushing for the answers
Climbing, slowly, steps of heaven
Growing joyous in each triumph
Learning to be free
Reaching for heaven

Look again
Search within
Soon you’ll know
your destiny
Don’t give in
to the passions of your mind

The thoughts that bind your freedom
you can slowly lift away…

Pass through the cage of
Soul awaken with new freedom
with the Light and Sound of Sugmad
Shining inward, shining outward
as the Master lifts you higher
Sounds of ECK eternal motion
leading you in pure devotion
Inhale His love, exhale your love
Give much more than you can think of
Yearning to be free

Higher states
do exist
This I know
truth is bliss
Look to God
and step on Holy Ground

And this Love lasts forever
in your heart
Soul knows…

* Those attitudes, opinions, thoughts, feelings and habits that we hold on to so tightly that they enslave us (cage us in), keeping us from ever seeing or being aware of our true self, Soul, and reaching spiritual freedom, which is our true birthright.

** Known more as the Temples of Golden Wisdom, these are places for learning divine wisdom, located on this physical plane and the other levels of heaven ascending into the heart of God.