"'Rumi' is one of a number of musical pieces I've composed over the last 30 years that was inspired by a spiritual experience I had. The piece was written around 1987, after I met the famous poet Rumi in a dream. There was this 'knowingness' that it was him. I felt a strong spiritual connection between us without any words being said! Writing a piece of music for Rumi was my way of thanking him or honoring his life - a life of tremendous devotion and praise to God. His poems remind us of the ever-presence of Divine Love as the primary cause behind all things.

This new art that I've been creating over the last 4 years, like my music, is simply a reflection of who I am - how I view things, and what I choose to give back to life. I've found that the more childlike or 'open' I can allow myself to be, the more the gifts of Spirit can freely flow through me and be used in many productive ways. So here I am, at the next step in my life's journey - utilizing my 'Rumi' piece as the musical backdrop for some of my art. All because I remembered a dream and let the love from within it radiate out... For me, dreams are very real. They provide a window into our own Inner Worlds that can reveal or give clues to why things happen, awakening us to our true self, Soul, a Light of God. This art-music video I've produced is a prelude to a number of multimedia presentations I will be doing that will highlight my art in various creative ways." - Fred Lipsius

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