Fred Lipsius Interview
by Tim Price

Saxophone Journal
September/October 1988

Like all serious musicians, Fred Lipsius has a remarkable personal playing style, whether it be on alto or tenor saxes, piano, or arranging and composing. He is also prepared to pass on the jazz tradition, as he is an excellent teacher and knows how to inspire the student through knowledge, inspiration, and a divine love for the music. Fred draws upon the aesthetic feeling that brings music alive, yet separates it from the academic.


1 Watch Fred being interviewed by Glenn Williams on "BNN Live: It's All About Arts" - July 6, 2009.



Review by Tim Price from Saxophone Journal September/October 1995

At the heart of "Dreaming Of Your Love" is the commitment of swing, groove, and musical intelligence. You can hear the joy the players had working with each other, and you can’t escape the living respect they have for the jazz tradition. At the sharp center is the alto sax playing and composing of the legendary Fred Lipsius. Lipsius wrote all the compositions here, as well as produced the project and played alto sax. The creativity Fred displays on his alto gives a fresh depth and proportion to the horn. He is in great creative control and knows what he wants to say. Through the entire CD you’ll hear and enjoy the one-of-a-kind originality of Fred Lipsius exercising his creative muscle for straight-ahead jazz and showing a good exhibition of his beautiful sense of phrasing, time, chord playing, and feel for swinging jazz. I loved his ability to play crystal clear lines that just sing through his cohesive striking improvising. I also liked the nice rapport, harmonically, between Larry Willis’ chords and Fred’s lines. READ FULL REVIEW >>


Review by Hilarie Grey from
March 1997

"Fred Lipsius proves an excellent musician with strong instincts and first-class support throughout Better Believe It. His tunes are, for the most part, tight and bright, marked by sharp, brass-attack laden arrangements. "Trippin on the Stars," for example, is an exciting exercise in timing and execution, keyed by the spaces between horn hits." READ MORE >>



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