by Fred Lipsius

Many of us, I’m sure, have experienced the gift of God’s pure love, touching us in some unique way - entering our heart and forever changing the way we look at things. We realize that this most blessed love, which shines down on us and gives life to all, needs to be shared. By allowing this divine love to outflow from us, we grow spiritually. So in keeping with life’s natural flow, I joyfully share these musical renderings. May they benefit you in many ways.

As a member of Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God, I’ve performed most of these pieces at Eckankar seminars around the USA over the last 30 years, using a variety of musical settings and orchestrations.

My lyrics express my personal understanding, insights and experiences on my spiritual journey. In order to give you a clearer understanding, some words and phrases need to be explained - while they are based on my experiences studying the Eckankar teachings, I am speaking only on my behalf and not that of Eckankar.

Sugmad (pronounced SOOG-mahd) - God.

Inner Worlds - The many levels or planes of heaven.

Golden Wisdom Temples - Places for learning divine wisdom, located on this Physical plane and on each of the other planes ascending into the heart of God.

The Ancient One - The Mahanta; the Godman. He is one with Spirit (the ECK). The Living Word.

Six-Pointed Star - Symbol of the eternal Light and Sound of God. The presence of the Mahanta, appearing to an individual as a blue star, blue dot, or perhaps, a blue globe of light.

The Cage of Soul - Those attitudes, opinions, thoughts, feelings, and habits that we so rigidly cling to which enslave Soul (our true self) and keep us from attaining higher states of consciousness, such as, spiritual freedom, here and now.