"A Message From the Ancient One"* by Fred Lipsius

I am the Light of Love
Do not hesitate to love me
All will come to you…
Deep within you kindles a love of all worlds
I love you more than you know
Do all things with your attention focused on me
Love all beings, for I am within all of them
Know… that I am in the heart of everything
Look into the stars with your imagination
Transform yourself to the place of your desires
Do not be shy, for behold, I am the Sugmad** in expression,
and you are a part of me
All the love is there for all souls to share
Partake of IT
Bath in the ecstasy if IT
Do not put up shutters to the Light of All there IS
The expansive consciousness dwells within you
Holy ground is in every moment
See it as such
Cast aside all fears and come with me
Listen to my words and let my Divine Spirit
lift you to lofty heights
I am always with you
Let your heart melt with love and affection for me,
for I am the giver of life, and all can be yours
Partake of all gifts of the Sugmad
Gift upon gift has been bestowed upon you
Just realize it
And with this realization, you will become the giver yourself,
serving beyond your personal needs
All things must be put aside and the shining vision of total selflessness
must be the state in which you operate
Come to me in humility
Have no expectations, for I bring only
what is necessary for you to partake of the
heavenly things and succeed in this worldly life
Love me for I am the Sugmad manifest, carrying out all things in
accordance with ITs Divine Will
Listen closely…find the secret place within…that quiet, harmonious spot
All time stops
Contact the Absolute for the purest teachings to come through you
Consciously keep the shield of Love around you
I am everywhere
Look for me in the face of all that you see.

* The Mahanta; the Godman. He is one with Spirit. The Living Word.
** God