"Into the High Reaches of God" by Fred Lipsius

The ECK- the voice of God - is with us in all that we do
It is the Light and Sound - the Divine Love of God
It is Spirit… and It speaks to us in many ways
We only need to listen

Know…that you are Soul
A spark of God with all the qualities of Godliness
Love…wisdom…power and freedom
But mostly… Love
God is love… and the ECK - the Holy Spirit - is love

There comes a point in the unfoldment of each Soul,
after many lifetimes…
whereby It’s desire for God is strong and true
and now, It is ready and willing to put forth
the necessary time and self discipline
that will enable It to reach the spiritual heights...
the pure heavens of the Most High

Life…experience…is the great teacher,
for it gradually refines, transforms and purifies us
so that we can finally and totally accept the will of ECK, the Holy Spirit

Then, can we begin to live and work for the betterment of all life,
flowing in harmony with Spirit
We become evermore aware of God’s blessings
in every moment of our lives, and act with true purpose, as a clear vehicle for God’s love - the Light and Sound.