John The Baptist

Valentine's Day

Take Me In Your Arms

I co-arranged "John the Baptist" and "Take Me In Your Arms", and arranged "Valentines Day".


Horns, Horns, Horns
December 13, 2003
By C. Preston (Philadelphia, PA)

If you like horns, these horns roar. Possibly the best horn band ever. Listen to the beginning of Redemption where the King of all drummers Bobby Colomby let's loose. This is, by far, the best B,S & W album to buy. Period.

I never tire of this album
September 26, 2003
By NellieLemon (Kirksville, MO United States)

This is an excellent album. I started listening to it almost thirty years ago and have never tired of it. The horns are phenomenal. When combined with David Clayton-Thomas's unique voice, it's nearly unbeatable. Momma Gets High is a soulful, gritty song with very seductive horns and DCT's vocal at it's finest. Cowboys and Indians is a very strong track. It and Momma Gets High are worth the price of the CD. Look to My Heart is a quietly beautiful instrumental that eases into your head and leaves you smiling. High on a Mountain is a smooth track that lazily draws you in as DCT sings the story. Lisa, Listen to Me is a little weaker but a nice track with lyrics that all women will appreciate. John the Baptist has sharp lyrics and DCT's voice makes the song. Go Down Gamblin' is a bit of a let down but only because the other songs are so good. For My Lady is a beautiful song and a joy to listen to. Valentine's Day is also a pleasure. You can't go wrong here.