40,000 Headmen

I arranged "Hi-De-Ho" and co-arranged "40,000 Headmen".


BS&T 3
March 23, 2006
By William Pentler (Albuquerque, NM)

This is an excellent album recorded prior to the lead singer leaving the group. This album is true BS&T and the only recording of the Rolling Stones song "Sympathy for the Devil" covered by BS&T on any album or CD. Great tunes and memories.

Something you never hear...
November 29, 2007
By A. McMauser (Canada)

This is probably the oddest Blood, Sweat and Tears I have heard before. Mostly cover songs in the jazz-blues-rock fusion style of BST... one song you know is Lucretia Mac Evil, a BST breakaway hit, as well as Hi-De-Ho. But how many have ever even heard Blood, Sweat and Tears' version of Sympathy For The Devil?

Still a standout album, and definitely worth a listen.