Photo by Joanne LaRiccia


How or what does your Art contribute to the evolution and advancement of all Art everywhere?

FRED: We artists are 'unique' with our talent and expression. But, in the bigger picture, we're also connected/mixed with each other as part of the tapestry of God. Artists are really just expressing life (God's creation) from their own, great as they may be, yet, limited perspectives. Besides varying levels of artistic craftsmanship, artists differ in their spiritual awareness or maturity. One's 'motive' for producing art is another consideration which either furthers or takes away from art being lifted to a higher level. During the creation of many of my art pieces, I have been acutely aware of the guiding hand of Spirit. I have felt an abundance of Love coming into me and through my work, which has filled my being with a deep feeling of joy, inspiration and awe. This divine 'Love' has been, without a doubt, the main reason or motivating force behind me wanting to share my particular style of art. Love doesn't need a 'reason' for it's existence. It just IS. Love builds upon love... It ripples and flows out to the farthest corners of the universes for all creation to bask and delight in... Those with a positive outlook/nature who are touched by this love in a piece of art, whether it be the colors, shapes, different lightings, or some feeling/emotion, etc; will take this love and keep it alive - perpetuate it- in some way.

How does Art exemplify objectives like unity, community, forward thinking, innovation, fresh perspectives, and the greater good?

FRED: Perhaps the greatest way that one's art exemplifies forward thinking, innovation, fresh perspectives, greater good, etc. is when the artist has truly "surrendered" - allowed the will of divine spirit to take over and grace their canvas, directing their work in ways they never thought of, imagined, or dreamed of before. Thus opening the door for a wonderfully inspired creation of art to come forth into the world, that has as it's "first cause", purity of heart.

How does Art transcend travails, fulfill lives, or point us in new and more worthy directions?

FRED: Art done with gratitude, sincerity and love carries within it a seed, if you will, that plants itself in the heart of the observer. This is so, because love contains all good things - such as the potential for healing, the inspiration or encouragement to go on when times get rough, or the strength and confidence to try going 'beyond' ourselves to places we never thought we could reach... Great art can do this!