My Search for Truth and God

I can remember as a young boy, laying in bed before sleep, wondering about infinity. What ‘was’ it and what did it look like? I could picture the stars, but how far ‘beyond’ did they go? Where did they lead? I always seemed to come up against a wall in my curiosity. It was all too much for my mind to fathom. It left me somewhat unfulfilled!

I’ve always been a truth seeker. I’ve wanted 'real' proof that God exists - not just words from books or other people saying things. When I was in my thirties, a friend of mine who was a student of Eckankar suggested I try this simple spiritual exercise to contact the Light and Sound of God – the ECK (the Holy Spirit):

Sit quietly in a comfortable chair with your eyes closed. Gaze gently into your spiritual eye (the third eye), located between and slightly behind the eyebrows. Sweetly sing the word HU (pronounced like ‘hue’) as a love song to God. Look for the Light and listen for the Sound. Spend up to 20 minutes a day with this.

I had results almost immediately with this exercise. In fact, it changed my life completely! Having an experience with either the Light or Sound, or both, is having actual communication with God. The benefits are many, such as divine love, wisdom, healing, guidance for making better decisions, or simply, helping one realize the blessings in their life.