Janis Joplin was one of the artists, besides Tony Bennett and BS&T, who performed in Puerto Rico at the Columbia Records Convention around 1969. Shortly after returning to New York City from the convention, I got a call from some person representing Janis asking me if I would be interested in becoming her Musical Director. She loved the sound of the BS&T horns at the convention and wanted something like that for her own group. I guess the offer on the phone was a big compliment to me, but I wasn’t about to leave the band for her. My relationship with the band members and all my time and effort with the band meant a lot to me! Plus her music wasn’t really my style... I wouldn't be comfortable with it. A little later on, I was invited to one of Janis’s band rehearsals at her home in Marin County, near where I lived. She and I spoke briefly. It was friendly. But again, I had no interest in joining musical forces with her.