Around 1969, BS&T, along with a number of other Columbia recording artists, were invited to perform at a Columbia Records Convention in Puerto Rico. One evening while there, a few of us from BS&T had dinner with a gracious Tony Bennett. He had recently signed with CBS. Later, Bobby Colomby (our drummer) had the idea for BS&T to do an album with Tony. The thought of that possible collaboration inspired me and I began charting out some ideas for Tony and the band on "My Ship", an old standard tune. I don’t remember if I ever played or spoke about my musical ideas for this tune to any BS&T members, but I believed that my chart had ‘commercial’ possibilities. But we never did record with Tony or even present the idea to him, as far as I know. So I lived with the basic chart in my head for over 34 years. When Tony became ‘hot’ with MTV, I tried to contact him him a couple of times, to let him know about my musical concept (arrangement) for "My Ship", but I never got a reply.

In 2004, I called his pianist / musical director, Lee Musica, whom I had jammed with once outside of Boston. He was friendly and open to me sending my arrangement ideas for him to look over. But a moment later in our conversation, he informed me that he had already written an arrangement for "My Ship", which Tony was using when performing with orchestras. When I heard this, I decided to let go, forever, of my dream of having Tony Bennett sing that tune with my chart! When I ‘let go’, I actually felt good about it!

Then life took another turn... Circumstances came up that led me to record a new CD: “Pure Classics”, on which, I included "My Ship". I played the melody on alto and finally used some of my original arrangement ideas. Listening back to it, I’m quite satisfied with the new direction that "My Ship" has sailed!

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