by Fred Lipsius

It’s important to ‘act' on our dreams, goals and nudges
to see where they lead us. There is a spiritual purpose behind all things.

Do what you love
refine it until it "SINGS"
then watch what life brings...

Dear God,
Remind me today of thy blessings,
which are flowing all around and through me...

Open the doors of opportunity placed before you.
They are ‘gifts’ to help you grow beyond yesterday!

Don’t stop here, there, or anywhere!
Just keep on going and growing...

Within each of us is a place of immense beauty, splendor and love,
where a feeling of oneness touches the very heart of Soul.

Do your absolute best...
Let God do the rest!


The search for spiritual freedom and truth leads the seeker
up the ladder toward God.
The journey is unique for each individual.
How far one climbs is determined
by the level of purity of heart and strength of desire.
No final rung on the ladder exists, since there is always more to learn,
one more step to take.

The Music of God spills over into all areas of our life,
providing many precious gifts.
With a grateful, loving heart, the gifts keep coming!

Sometimes, we have to use all of our creative resources to
move through life in a balanced fashion.

Why keep your attention down in the valley looking up,
when you could be seeing things clearly in all directions
from the top of the mountain?

By allowing others the freedom to
have their own experiences,
you gain freedom for yourself.


Those with the golden heart

are selfless.

They simply serve others

with love.


All things in life are touched by and vibrate
from the creative life stream,
which is the connecting fiber of all existence.
Nothing and no one is outside of this golden thread.

The mysteries of life and one’s “Beingness”
are revealed when the time is right...

 not only
  what’s good
   for you... but
    what benefits
     others too...
      That’s the
       higher view!

Life brings us exactly
   what we need...
no more and no less.

People remember us by
            the way we treat them

The Supreme Being has placed the Divine Qualities in each of us.
Can you see them in yourself and others?

Give something back to life!

Into deeper, ever-widening circles of discovery
         goes the seeker of God...

Worlds of dazzling beauty and brightness are within you.

Keep a grateful, joyful heart.
It helps soften the rough edges of life!

We are living in the fullness of God’s love

Soul, the true self,
 takes on a new body,
  life after life,
   to refine Itself
    in the lessons
     of divine love.

You are soul,
a unique, creative spiritual being.
Let your talents and goodness
pour forth into the world.