With new Greek friend and loyal fanatic BS&T fan Andreas Christo. (2004)

This photo was taken by my wife, Setsuko at a restaurant where a 'very
happy' Andreas treated us to dinner. He had been in the Boston area for a
few days and chanced coming by my office at Berklee College of Music
hoping to meet me and get my autograph. I wasn't there because I don't
teach in the summer. But, I happened to go to my office some time after he
came by, and found a phone messages from him. I called him that night and
told him I would meet him at my office the next day. We spent the whole
afternoon hanging out. He brought with him a 'number' of BS&T albums and
CDs for me to autograph, some of which, he later had laminated and gave to
schools in Greece to be hung on the wall to inspire the young up-coming
musicians. The other autographs he gave to musician friends he had grown
up with in Greece, who, like him, loved BS&T but never got a chance to see
the band perform, since BS&T never played in Greece.

Andreas was one of the first people to encourage me to have my own
website, so people (like BS&T fans) could know what I was doing in my
life! I "thank" him for his suggestion!