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With Jack Scarangella at the Recording Studio

I wrote the horn/string charts and played alto and some piano on Jack's CD "The Hero in Us All" (1997) - listen to the 4 tracks below. Jack is a very creative drummer, talented artist, and my close friend. We share the same Birthday - November 19. He's 11 years younger. I have nothing but love for him.

  Cowboy Song  

Midnight Cowboy
Trippin On The Stars
What A Life
I arranged these 4 tunes and composed and played piano on "Cowboy Song" and "Trippin' On the Stars".

Ichabod Crane's Last Ride

One night around Halloween time, shortly after we had met, Jack was driving us back to his parent's house in Pelham, New York. The road was empty and it was very quiet. The view out of the window was kind of 'spooky', the way the trees were casting strange shadows. It reminded me of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow". I told Jack I had written an up-tempo jazz-rock piece called "Ichabod Crane's Last Ride" - depicting the ending of that story where Ichabod is chased by the headless horseman.

Here's a a portion of my Ichabod piece, recorded in 1976:

It was on my first album as an Artist. Jack is playing drums, Jimmy Fielder on bass, and me on piano and synthesizers. The album never got released. While recording this tune there was a tremendous storm outside with very high winds blowing things around! It seemed to be 'the perfect night' for recording this piece!